Cherry & Derek Fell : A Picture of Life

Scarborough 1968

Scarborough     in 1968

This was the first car we bought in Oz, in 1967. It was a 1956 Pontiac Chieftain. Later we bought a more modern car, an Australian Holden.

The photo was taken from the balcony of our ground floor flat on the West Coast Highway.

When we returned for a holiday in 2003, the single storey houses in the photo had been demolished to make way for a 4 lane highway, and blocks of flats and a hotel had been built nearer the sea, and you can no longer see the sea from the flat.

This is a Shark Lookout tower, that was manned by the Lifeguards and sponsored by 6PR, a local Radio Station. There were no shark nets back then, and when a shark was spotted, they used to wind a hand operated siren to warn everybody and when you heard it  you got out of the water as fast as you could.  It would sound most summer days at least once, and we could hear it from our flat.