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Hamworthy Lake

Lake at Ham Common

Hamworthy Lake - is just under 750 metres in circumference and was formed during the days when clay was quarried from the area. The fine silt/clay bottom gives the lake a unique colour which changes from a deep blue/green to a luminous grey depending on the sunlight. If undisturbed, visibility under the water can be as much as 10 metres.

More than 100 ancient clay workings were discovered in 1926 within the old Lake Clay works, where quarry workers also discovered an old Roman lamp.

The lake margin is full of aquatic plants. It is a popular spot for anglers who seek Carp, Roach and Pike.

During the winter months the lake provides a refuge for many species of birds particularly ducks and waders. During the summer the reed beds play host to both Reed and Sedge Warblers.